Customer 60 Testimonial

Jack is professional, flexible, honest. Goes to great lengths to get the job done. Although the assignment had a lot of challenges and even some danger, Jack managed to get me the video evidence I needed to make a decision. It sounds soppy but the thing I was really impressed with was that Jack really cared. It makes a difference to us guys being cheated on that here was somebody who would do his best and put all the resources he could on the job, because he really wants to either give you peace of mind if your girl is good, or the unvarnished truth so that you can move on. Thanks Jack.

Customer 59 Testimonial

Anyone looking for an honest, thorough and competant Private Detective Agency, look no further. These guys are the best. Jack did a great job, tons of communication including daily phone calls, around the clock, detailed surveilance, written report every day, time, place, activity, who she is with, and adaily video of important moments, the service is much more than I ever thought possible, even videos I could not have gotten! I thoroughly recommend AC Cheaters, the best value for money and it only took a few days to discover the truth. Not what I wanted to find out but better now then later.

Mac Testimonial

Process Service
Great service. Fast results. Best of all excellent communication throughout. I highly recommend their services.

Translations Customer 49

I am using Clendy now for SMS and call recording translations. I am very well pleased with her work. She is very good at translating the short hand used in SMS, and completes the work in a timely manner. She is always willing to explain if you have any questions about the translations. I would highly recommend her services.

Customer 49 Testimonial

I used AC Cheaters and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in hiring a detective agency. They are very professional. You get daily updates on what is happening. They are very affordable and you get what you pay for. Before I hired AC Cheaters I was ripped off for 1500 USD from a scammer that was possing as a detective agency. I can promise you AC Cheaters is a ligit and very well organized private detective agency. I am currently using their translation services also, and I am very well pleased with this service.

Customer 46 Testimonial

I have used the services of AC Cheaters on two separate occasions.  On each of these occasions I found their services to be highly professional.
I received constant updates on the status of investigations.  This included a detailed daily log via email.
I also received videos of the girls meeting with numerous men.
Compared to similar agencies operating in Angeles City, AC Cheaters provide a superior service at a much lower cost.
I highly recommend AC Cheaters to anyone in need of the services of a private detective.

Customer 37

Good service, I got results in no time at all, discreet and honest. If you are starting to invest emotions and money into a relationship in the Philippines it pays to know with whom one is dealing with. Its a small outlay which can save one thousands.
All good

Customer 51 testimonial

So far, so good, after 4 days around the clock, detailed surveillance,  written report every day, time, place, activity, who  she is with, and daily a video of important moments, the service is much more than I ever thought possible, even a video I could not have gotten!!Thoroughly recommend “accheaters”, value for money