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We translate recordings, chat messages, SMS text messages and social networking site chats and postings or anything that customers want us to translate or interpret for them. The majority of our customers are men that are curious to know what their spouses are writing or saying in Tagalog. If you have a spouse that you suspect are that they are being dishonest to you and need us to translate FB or other text messages, we will help you find the truth. We work personally with our customers and to date we have a 100% satisfied customer base. Some of my customers informed us that they have hired other translators in the past and they were very dissatisfied with their translations and attention to their job. We work hard to ensure that my customers are happy with our work.

Our rates are hourly and shared in a time sheet in Google Drive. We translate your Tagalog to English translations in Google Drive and share the document with our customers. That gives our customers the capability to view our translations live as we process them.
All translations are strictly confidential. Contact Us if you’re interested in our translation services