Spousal Surveillance

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Cheating spouses

Cheating Spouses
Many people do not understand the nature of cheating within a relationship. Although there may be two sides to the story, unfaithfulness is not acceptable and is emotionally harmful to the other spouse.

The person who cheats doesn’t easily fit into a single mold. There are those who will cheat once, feel badly about it, and never repeat their mistake. Some will continue the cheating pattern again and again until they are caught. Others make a lifestyle out of being unfaithful. If you have a need to know just how to handle a cheating partner, you must first decide how likely it is that they will repeat the same behavior over again. Then you have to think about whether you trust them enough to take their word for it, when they say they are ‘sorry’. You must work hard to build trust that has been damaged.

Our Experience
We have worked over many many spousal surveillance cases in our years in business. With each case we have tweaked our system a little bit more. Each case is different from the last and we have learned to be versatile so that we provide the best service possible to find out the truth for our valued customers. As time passed, we received many referral cases from previous customers. Our goal is to find the truth rather it is good or bad.

Filipina’s Common Practices
Of course we cannot stereotype ONLY Filipina’s. There are good and bad in every country. There are detective agency’s all of the world solving cases the same as we do.

With that said, it is common for Filipina ladies to have a foreign boyfriend for money and a Filipino boyfriend when the customer is abroad. Filipino’s (Philippine men) don’t seem to mind because they get a payoff of a girl that has money in this third world country. I have heard Filipino men boasting that they are looking for a Filipina with a foreigner boyfriend. Other girls date many foreigners so that they reach their maximum income potential. In many cases, thier family and friends know what they are doing and the foreigner is the last to know…. if ever. That is where we come in. We will find out the truth for you. We are your eyes in Angeles City and we always provide proof.

How to Start?
The first step that is a requirement with us is to fill out the “Submit A Detective Case for Review” form. We need information in order to give you an evaluate your case and give an accurate estimate of the cost.