Customer 158

I contacted ACC when I suspected my girlfriend had a boyfriend and I was supporting both. I spent quite a bit of time in the Philippines, but covid prevented me from visiting. Jack and his crew got right to work and provided the information I needed. Being based in Angeles, they know the area and get to the information quickly. They provided timely and detailed status and charged exactly what they quoted, no surprises. I highly recommend ACC.

Customer 157

Very recommendable agency. Great contact and cooperation. In a short time, what I had unfortunately already suspected was revealed. Even if Jack didn’t make me happy … he did a great job. I highly recommend AC Cheaters to anyone in need of the services of a private detective.

Customer 148

I asked ACC to double check my girlfriend since I had the feeling she was cheating me (I am not living in the Philippines and I travel there once in a while).
After a week surveillance they found out she was meeting with another man.  Very professional service, very fast answer, very flexible to offer the service I needed. Higly recommended!

Customer 145

Payment has been sent over. Thanks to you and your team for providing the truth…Multiple Times Now! You guys rock!

Customer 147 Testimonial

AC Cheaters helped me find my friend in Olongapo. The bonus was the video of the conversation with English translation added as subtitles. I would use their service again as they can save you travel time and expenses.

Translations Customer

Have used ACC translation services for some time now and would highly recommend them to anyone. She dose an excellent thorough job and one will be satisfied using her services. Bearer

Customer 92 Testimonial

I had never expected, or by myself succeeded, to find out even a fraction of what Accheaters in a surprisingly short time did in a most qualified and refined way including for me unexpected advanced technology with the delivery of both pictures and video-recordings on site! Extraordinary!

Customer 81 Testimonial

I have used the service for 5 days, and within that period, almost all my questions was answered. Even some quiet detailed one. I am glad to recommend this bureau to anyone WHO need to find out about his gf. Jack do a very good job , daily reports , i am able to chat to him and change the direction of the investigation, so it fits my needs.

Tiff Testimonial PS-80

Excellent service, honest agency, they did just what they promised in a timely fashion for the price we agreed on, no hidden fee’s or extra charges. I highly recommend this agency!!!!

Missing Persons Testimonial

These people are unbelievably GREAT!!!! I expected some results but they went way beyond what I could have expected. I had no contact with my Angel Girl for 20 years and only help I could give them was old addresses and 3 pictures. Both changed drastically over the 20 year period so would be little of help. But using very little info and 20 years back they miraculously found her. Not only did they find her but found her in Australia and got pics of her and her husband now. All the individuals are great but Clendy is a miracle. I would strongly recommend these people.