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Spy Cell Phone Package Deal

Includes all from Purchase the Cell Phone & Spyware to Spyware Installation to Delivery.

Spy Cell Phone Package Deal - The Gift That Gives Back!

Includes Flowers!

This Package Options Are....

  1. We purchase a Cell Phone of your choice. (notify you of cost prior to the purchase)
    • We take our smart phone and wifi with us to interact with you while we are shopping for your cell phone. We always shop at SM Mall Clark.
  2. We install the Spyera Software on the Cell Phone (better you purchase that from Spyera, but if you dont have credit card, we can do it for you) See Spyera Links below.
  3. We Test the Spyware and make sure no traces of installation are left behind. 
  4. We gift wrap the Cell Phone
  5. We buy  a Rose Bouquet - 1 DZN Roses of your choice of color. Red, White, Pink or Mixed (*optional)
  6. We deliver all to your loved one. :)
  7. We video the delivery (if receiver is willing)
  8. We upload the Video to Youtube and share it with YOU ONLY (Private)


  • We have a Flower Delivery girl that delivers the flowers and phone. Working as a Delivery Girl Only. 
  • We have done this same deal many times. You wont regret this choice. 
  • If you dont know tagalog... We also translate at a very affordable cost "Prices Here".  
  • If you dont have a credit card to purchase... No Problem.. We will do it for you, but we charge 15% extra. (for Spyera purchase)

Choose the options that your interested in. Then Checkout with a zero balance

We will contact you with a proposal.

*You will not be asked for your credit Card information 


Call Us at: 614-453-5867 *(US Phone #)

Keep In Mind.... We have 100% Satisfied Customers!  

Spy Cell Phone Package Deal @1
We can include 1 DZN Roses with the Delivery of the Cell Phone.

Choose Options that you want us to quote for you? 

Type of Cell Phone?

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