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We have had only a few missing persons cases. We were successfull in finding every one that we were hired to find. Some dating back missing for 20 years. If you have hired us to find a missing person, please leave your comments here. You will need to register to leave a comment. 

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Created on: 12/23/2013 7:12 AM
These people are unbelievabley GREAT!!!!  I expected some results but they went way beyond what I could have expected.  I had no contact with my Angel Girl for 20 years and only help I could give them was old addresses and 3 pictures.  Both changed drastically over the 20 year period so would be little of help.  But using very little info and 20 years back they miracusly found her.  Not only did they find her but found her in Australia and got pics of her and her husband now.  All the indivuduals are great but Clendy is a miracle.  I would strongly recomend these people.