Spousel Surveillance

Many people do not understand the nature of cheating within a relationship. Although there may be two sides to the story, unfaithfulness is not acceptable and is emotionally harmful to the other spouse. More Information....

Company Owners

Do you suspect employess of stealing products or embezzeling? We have placed our detectives undercover for company owners and rooted out the bad people with huge success. All we do here at our detective agency is confidential if you suspect your employees of stealing, or embezzeling contact us. More Information…

Process Service

Our process service has to beat all! We have received nothing but praise for our serving papers system. We even go as far as to video the entire process with a button cam. There is never a doubt that we do our job. More Information

Missing Persons

We have had several missing person’s cases and have been successful in finding the missing person. One case the person was missing for over twenty years and even though difficult, we did find our customers daughter and her mother whom he had never met. More Information

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